About Us


Design INC is a platform for us where we give expertise in Architecture, Interior  Designing, Landscape design, Civil Construction Works, Urban Design,  Consultancy in Design and Works according to client demand and our experience.

It was established in Lahore, Pakistan in 2011 challenging clients and authorities to ensure that good design is valued economically, socially and environmentally. Activities include undertaking professional services, research, publishing, and holding lectures.

Ideas & Creative. Design is research, Architecture and Civil works are correlated. It is important to recognize the close relationship between design and construction. They belong inseparably together and both affect people’s lives: how we live, how our children are taught, how we are treated when we are ill and the quality of our neighborhoods. In history, every human settlement has always had a peculiarity of its own.


Design INC consultants’ and construction team has been selected for high skills and experience of each member. They work closely so as to produce high-quality, rigorous research that will be widely disseminated as well as to help define and then deliver to our client the best long-term solution for their organization, one that will fulfill all the original aims and requirements of the project.

We are creative interior design, architecture see our profile